Comments and Praises for These Courses

  1. "Your courses have exceeded my expectations."
    ~ ATH 909, 910, 912, and 914 student from Ohio
  2. "Love it!!! So much great information and looking forward to helping some of my students."
    ~ HED 911 student from Wisconsin
  3. "Very practical information that was easy to follow and will be easy to apply."
    ~ ATH 910 student from Maryland
  4. "Andy - This was the 10th class I've taken from you and they all have been outstanding! Thank you for making me a better teacher and coach."
    ~ ATH 918 student from California
  5. "My girls team three-peated as State Champs and with a closer compression and faster average time than last year. The only modification I made to their training program was from your course. Great course. Thank you."
    ~ ATH 913 student from Pennsylvania
  6. "First off, I would like to say that this course was enlightening. The ideas analyzed and discussed are those that I can use in my classroom to enhance my lessons. I will continue to use the information from the textbook for many years. I personally enjoyed doing the relaxation script with my class. Great course, I learned a lot!"
    ~ HED 906 student from Illinois
  7. "An excellent course offering sound, researched based information presented in an easy to understand format."
    ~ ATH 912 student from New Jersey
  8. "The best part of this course was establishing a speed training workout program and getting to begin using it immediately with my athletes. The way the assignment was set-up which included a video to show the exercises was extremely helpful. Thanks for putting together a solid class with assignments that can quickly be used in my classroom and training schedule."
    ~ ATH 909 student from Massachusetts
  9. "Dr. Herrick was very responsive to my questions. Thank you"
    ~ ATH 910 student from Florida
  10. "Great course. Instructor provided rapid responses to my email questions, provided additional guidance when needed and easy to follow and practical assignments."
    ~ HED 909 student from Maine
  11. "I enjoyed the information presented in the course and textbook. I found the course very informative and easy to apply to my teaching and coaching."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Oregon
  12. "Very informative, helpful to my teaching situation."
    ~ HED 907 student from APO, AE
  13. "This class really went deeper into the emotional and social aspects of eating which I feel is why some of us are unhealthy eaters. I really liked learning how to work on those aspects eating"
    ~ HED 911 student from Maryland
  14. "Outstanding class. I look forward to watching my students advance in their skills."
    ~ ATH 916 student from Arizona
  15. "I enjoy learning new things and continuing to improve my lifestyle. I found this course and assigned reading to be motivating and inspiring."
    ~ HED 907 student from New York
  16. "I have taken several professional development courses and found this one to be the most rewarding from a personal and professional view. As a teacher, I have added more to my health course and look forward to developing my lessons on the environment as I become more knowledgeable about the subject."
    ~ HED 907 student from Pennsylvania
  17. "Strength Training for Sports helped me create a viable and successful program for ourstudent athletes."
    ~ ATH 910 student from Florida
  18. "I have taken several of Dr. Herrick's courses because I have found them to be useful to my coaching career."
    ~ ATH 912 student from Ohio
  19. "Great course and great book. This course allowed me to look into my own nutritional needs and it help to change my opinion on certain daily routines."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Connecticut
  20. "This course helped me to organize my life."
    ~ HED 906 student from New York
  21. "The course was easy to understand and very pertinent to my teaching and coaching assignment."
    ~ ATH 911 student from Indiana
  22. "Great information to use in generating a solid eating plan."
    ~ ATH 914 student from California
  23. "This course provided me with a wealth of information that I can actually use. Thank you."
    ~ ATH 914 student from New York
  24. "Good suggestions for improving my existing programs."
    ~ ATH 910 student
  25. "All the necessary information for setting up a safe and effective cross-training program."
    ~ ATH 911 student from Minnesota
  26. "Maybe the best class I've ever taken."
    ~ HED 906 student
  27. "Everything was self-explanatory and very interesting."
    ~ HED 908 student
  28. "Great drills to use with my athletes."
    ~ ATH 909 student from California
  29. "Excellent information for myself, my family, and my students. I was able to make healthy changes in my diet in the first week of the course."
    ~ ATH 914 student
  30. "Thank you for providing such a quality course."
    ~ ATH 916 student from Pennsylvania
  31. "This book is an excellent reference."
    - ATH 909 student from Colorado
  32. "I am anxious to use the concepts I learned in this course with my students next year."
    ~ ATH 910 student
  33. "I am a new coach and these courses really helped me. Thank you for offering such practical courses. I have learned a lot and can't wait until next season."
    ~ ATH 909 student
  34. "My favorite assignment was the Sustainable Living Plan because I could see what a great project it would be in the classroom."
    ~ HED 907 student from Alaska
  35. "All the necessary information for setting up a safe and effective cross-training program."
    ~ ATH 911 student from New Jersey
  36. "Great course. Enjoyed the coach's interview assignment."
    ~ ATH 917 student from Florida
  37. "I feel that with the overwhelming, constant stress that my former teacher colleagues experience, I will definitely share some of the life-affirming tools with them. Thank you for offering this course."
    ~ HED 906 student from Nevada
  38. "Dr. Herrick, you are doing a great job! Keep it up."
    ~ ATH 911 student
  39. "Thanks for making such informational classes available through distance learning."
    ~ HED 907 student
  40. "Excellent course! I can't wait to implement what I learned."
    ~ ATH 913 student from Texas
  41. "Very applicable to my career with dancers and athletes. Extremely informative and resourceful."
    - ATH 912 student from New York
  42. "All information and assignments were very practical for my content area. Great book"
    ~ ATH 918 student from Texas
  43. "This course teaches to my passion. I am currently applying the information I learned to my own life and in my teaching. Great course."
    ~ ATH 910 student from New Jersey
  44. Thank you so much. I truly enjoyed this class. I don't typically keep books on my desk, but I have this one right by side as I type this. It has really made an impact on me as a person.
    ~ HED 906 student from Hawaii
  45. "I can use this information in my coaching and my PE classes. It was very practical."
    ~ ATH 918 student from Ohio
  46. "I have learned a great deal of information about myself by taking this course from proper breathing techniques to time management skills. This course has already changed some of my old habits when it comes to how I organize my priorities. I will be using some of the stress reduction techniques in my personal life as well as in my professional teachings."
    ~ HED 906 student from Idaho
  47. "Thanks a bunch. The classes were fun and easy to apply in PE classes."
    ~ ATH 916 and ATH 917 student from Florida
  48. "I really enjoy your courses and will try to take as many as I can."
    ~ ATH 913 student New Mexico
  49. "This was a great course. The course binder with additional resources and the textbook with specific exercises were both great resources."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Maryland
  50. "Great content, liked the video of drills and workout examples. This is exactly what I was looking for. Anyone who is trying to establish a plyometrics workout should take this course."
    ~ ATH 913 student from Massachusetts
  51. "I liked the testing and program design. The book and supplemental articles were great resources."
    ~ ATH 917 student from New York
  52. "Excellent articles, very well designed course. Thank you."
    ~ ATH 911 student
  53. "Best part of this course was developing my own strength program and putting it to the test. I liked every aspect of this course."
    ~ ATH 915 student from Pennsylvania
  54. "The assignments were practical and beneficial to me and my professional development as a teacher and coach."
    ~ ATH 909 student from Nevada
  55. "Keep up the good work. I love the classes I have taken from Dr. Herrick."
    ~ ATH 910, ATH 912, ATH 915 student from Ohio
  56. "I really enjoyed the coach's interview assignment because it gave me another viewpoint on power training. I also enjoyed being able to apply sport specific exercises to my program."
    ~ ATH 917 student from Michigan
  57. "Excellent course. It provided me a great outline for implementing a training program for my student athletes."
    ~ ATH 909 student from Maryland
  58. "All the necessary information for setting up a safe and effective cross-training program."
    ~ ATH 911 student
  59. "I liked doing the lesson plan assignment for my class. I like when I can take time to integrate new ideas into my lessons."
    ~ HED 906 student from Maine
  60. "Another excellent course from Dr. Herrick. The nutrition book for this course was developed with the athlete in mind - it is a resource to refer to again and again."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Virginia
  61. "Great text book and instructional video. I have already shared it with other coaches."
    ~ ATH 913 student from Michigan
  62. "The course requirements were easily to understand. Topics were very interesting."
    ~ ATH 912 student from Hawaii
  63. "I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I hope you keep creating excellent courses for the health / physical education teacher."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Massachusetts
  64. "I enjoyed the text. It was very appropriate for the course."
    ~ ATH 910 student from Illinois
  65. "Course material was well organized and arrived quickly."
    ~ ATH 915 student from Michigan
  66. "The information and assignments were engaging. This course will aid me in becoming a better coach."
    ~ ATH 912 student from New Jersey
  67. "I would highly recommend this course to others interested in improving their student's training program."
    ~ ATH 915 student from Ohio
  68. "The course and assignments were very clear and concise. The workload was both relevant and the perfect amount of work. I really liked this course and I look forward to taking a few more of Dr. Herrick's courses in the near future."
    ~HED 907 student from New Jersey
  69. "I enjoy the consistency in your classes and how I know when I order one of them what I’m getting myself into. I also greatly appreciate the timely manner you graded my coursework and turn in my grades."
    ~ ATH 911 student from Pennsylvania
  70. "Thanks for putting together a series of courses that Physical Education teachers can use to further enhance our teaching abilities."
    ~ ATH 915 student from Maryland
  71. "Loved the flexibility in choosing your own topics that you want to learn more about. Loved the extra information in the course packet - very helpful."
    ~ ATH 914 student from Illinois
  72. "The book was great. It covers all the important areas. The course is very useful - even for the "non" athlete!"
    ~ ATH 914 student from Illinois
  73. "Speed Training for Sports greatly improved my knowledge base, especially in terms of technique, diagnosing problems, and creating workouts."
    ~ ATH 909 student from California
  74. "I found ATH 918 to be extremely rewarding and beneficial to me as a coach, teacher, and triathlete. I will use the information and concepts learned throughout the course to further enhance my training goals."
    ~ ATH 918 student from Pennsylvania
  75. "I loved the text and DVD video. Most helpful class that I have taken."
    ~ ATH 910 student from Illinois
  76. "Everything was spelled out. I knew exactly what had to be done and how it was going to be graded. Assignments were corrected in a timely manner and Dr. Herrick gave feedback comments which were helpful."
    ~ HED 906 student from Maine
  77. "I found the relaxation script and time management assignments to be very useful. I will add these to my own personal plan and use them with my students. I found all the assignments to be both informative and useful."
    ~ HED 906 student from California
  78. "I have learned a lot from this course. It made me think a lot about how I handle stress and new ways to manage it. I plan to take what I've learned in this class and apply it to my personal and professional life."
    ~ HED 906 student from Pennsylvania
  79. "I enjoyed the course and I got a lot of new ideas that I can put to use right away in my classroom."
    ~ HED 912 student from Illinois
  80. "The course was very well-structured and the articles were interesting to read. I enjoyed developing the cross-training program for my son."
    ~ ATH 911 student from Wisconsin