Health Education Courses

Professional Development Courses for Teachers, Counselors, and School Nurses
  1. Stress Management (HED-906)
    This course is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach their students about the detrimental effects that are associated with excessive level of stress and tension. Participants will also learn how to manage a stress-free classroom to improve the learning experience. Holistic stress reduction approaches will be presented which are designed to acquaint the individual with theory, technique, and teaching skills to deal with stress from a physical, emotional, and environmental perspective.
  2. Healthy Environments (HED-907)
    Healthy Environments focuses on teaching good environmental stewardship, which promotes positive environmental health. Today's students live in a world where environmental issues -- global warming, organic farming, and recycling, to name a few -- exist all around them. However, teaching kids about environmental sustainability provides them life skills to make contributions now and helps define who they will become later in life. This course is designed to provide the student with the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills needed to teach their students the life skills to promote a healthy environment.
  3. Healthy Self-Esteem (HED-908)
    Healthy self-esteem is essential for mental and physical well-being. Research on the origins of self-esteem has concluded that unconditional love is a key component. This course will present techniques that have been proven to help students develop the life skills they need for healthy self-esteem. Participants will learn step-by-step techniques to help their students: a) handle mistakes from their past and respond well to criticism, b) foster compassion for themselves and others, c) set and achieve goals that will enrich their lives, and d) learn self-acceptance techniques.
  4. Personal Safety (HED-909)
    Medical emergencies and natural disasters can occur at any time and place. Knowing what to do can save a person's life or unnecessary visits to the doctor or emergency department. This course is intended to be a resource for any teacher or administrator concerned about the health and safety of their students, school, or community. Participants will learn step-by-step techniques to help their students develop the life skills necessary to a) prevent accidents at home, school, and on the road, b) recognize and treat injuries, c) understand foundational emergency procedures, and d) establish a disaster preparedness plan.
  5. Healthy Eating (HED-911)
    Help improve the lives and health of your students through balanced eating! This course provides practical advice and research-based strategies that address the root causes of unhealthy eating. Participants will discover how to: a)choose the right balance of the right foods for optimal health, b)set realistic goals and healthy rewards, c)identify and overcome barriers to healthy eating, and d)cope with triggers for unhealthy eating. This course contains checklists, charts, tips, and other features that will help you develop classroom lesson plans and personalized action plans that are fun for you and your students.
  6. Health Education Technology (HED-912)
    Public health challenges in the 21st century require teachers, counselors, and students to be familiar with current technology. There are many technical options available to engage students and open up new possibilities for teaching, learning, and motivating. During this course, you will learn about digital media, social networking sites, podcasts, blogs, and speaking avatars. Infusing technology into your health education courses does more than foster discussion; it capitalizes on our students' familiarity with social venues and encourages the transfer of technology to the public health sector.
  7. Financial Wellness (HED-913)
    Do you want to help your students be millionaires by the age of 50? Using the practical advice of financial expert Dave Ramsey, this course is designed as a resource for teachers, school counselors, and administrators who want to help their students learn how to save, budget, avoid debt, and foster a giving spirit. Each element of the course is intended to help you teach financial habits to your students based on Christian stewardship principles that lead to success and significance.
  8. Healthy Relationships (HED-914)
    Healthy relationships can enhance the quality of life within our students and communities. Mutual respect, trust, honest communication, and shared goals are all essential for any relationship to be safe and healthy. Participants will learn about self-awareness, keys for successful relationships, and how to avoid destructive relationships. This course will present techniques so you can help your students develop the life skills they need for nurturing and supportive friendships.